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No Bake Sand Casting of Alloy A356 Airlock Housing for the Pneumatic Conveying Industry

A client from the petro-chemical industry contracted Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry to cast a series of airlock housings used in the pneumatic conveying of granular products. Using our no bake, flaskless molding equipment, which met tolerances as low as (±) .030 of an inch, we were able to successfully sand cast these units for our customer, delivering all products to our buyer’s facility in Kansas.

Constructed from Alloy A356 material, each sand casted unit measured 6 feet high and weighed 800 pounds. We provided all airlock housings with a rough sand casted finish and performed T6 heat treatment, ensuring maximum product durability. Successfully fulfilling all of our client’s project requirements, we produced a total of 10 airlock housings within a two year period for this consumer.


Product Name Airlock Housing
Product Description Airlock housing used in the pneumatic conveying of granular products.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Sand Casting: No Bake
Heat Treatment

  • T6 Heat treat
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part No Bake, Flaskless Molding
Overall Part Dimensions Height: 6 ft
Tightest Tolerances ±.030″
Material Used Alloy A356
Finish Rough Sand Cast
Estimated Part Weight 800 Pounds
Industry for Use Pneumatic conveying
Quantity 10 parts in 2 year period
Delivery Location Kansas
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing