Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc. is a
Custom Manufacturer of Large & Small Aluminum Sand Castings
Using a No Bake Foundry & Green Sand Foundry




CapabilitiesCustom Aluminum Sand CastingsPortfoliosSand Casting of A356.2-T6 Aluminum HOOD for the
Jewelry Industry
Sand Casting of A356-T6 Aluminum Gas Well Starter for
a Natural Well Starter System
No Bake Sand Casting of Alloy A356 Airlock Housing for the Pneumatic Conveying IndustrySand Casting, Machining
& Assembly of A356-T6 Aluminum Antenna Positioner for the Satellite Antenna Industry

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Custom Aluminum Sand Castings

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Custom Aluminum Sand Castings
Custom Aluminum Sand Castings
  At Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc., we are dedicated to providing high-quality, friendly service and are focused on meeting all of our clients' custom aluminum sand casting needs. We are well-equipped to handle almost all casting projects and can handle casting weights up to 1,000 pounds. Casting patterns can be manufactured in aluminum, urethane, or mahogany. In addition, we work with a variety of aluminum alloys, including A356, 363, 357, 319, and 713.

At Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, we manage turn key products, ensuring that all other necessary operations, such as machining, coating, and anodizing are accomplished after the sand casting process is completed. We are committed to providing safe, health-oriented services, and have passed all OSHA tests. In addition, we received the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality C2 award, which certifies that our custom aluminum sand casting operations comply with the state of Texas and the EPA's air and water regulations.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our premium custom aluminum sand casting operations. Committed to providing quality casting services since 1972, Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry provides a number of secondary capabilities, including, but not limited to, assembly, engineering, heat treating, and powder coating. Call us today for further information!


Custom Aluminum Sand Castings Specifications

Casting Process No Bake
Green Sand
Casting Weight Max
1,000 lbs
Tolerance (+/-) ±.030 in
Materials (Metals) Aluminum
  • 319
  • A356
  • 357
  • 363
  • 713
Pattern Materials Aluminum
Equipment B&P Automatic Molding Machine
  • 20'x16'
B&P Speed Muller
Overhead Computerized Sand Delivery System
Heat Treatment Furnace
Additional Services Provided Anodizing
  • Material Selection
  • Manufacturability
Heat Treat
  • Solution Precipitation (Drop Bottom Solution)
Powder Coating
  • TIG
  • Wire
Turn Around Times Rush Services Available
Inventory Services Available
Production Volume Prototype
Low Volume
Short Run
High Volume
Large Run
Intended Applications Conveyor Equipment
Gear Blanks
Highway Sign Clips

We can meet a large variety of your casting needs, if you don't see yours here please inquire.
Industry Focus Agricultural
Architectural/ Building
  • Solar
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind Power
Industry Standards Aluminum Association
Military Specifications
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • C2 Award
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