Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc. is a
Custom Manufacturer of Large & Small Aluminum Sand Castings
Using a No Bake Foundry & Green Sand Foundry




CapabilitiesCustom Aluminum Sand CastingsPortfoliosSand Casting of A356.2-T6 Aluminum HOOD for the
Jewelry Industry
Sand Casting of A356-T6 Aluminum Gas Well Starter for
a Natural Well Starter System
No Bake Sand Casting of Alloy A356 Airlock Housing for the Pneumatic Conveying IndustrySand Casting, Machining
& Assembly of A356-T6 Aluminum Antenna Positioner for the Satellite Antenna Industry

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Contact Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
2708 N. Nichols Street
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone: 817-625-1566
Fax: 817-626-0639


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